Sismian as an artist has been shaped by the countries he has travelled to the experiences he has had. Being born in Manchester (north UK) then moving to West Africa at the age of one, he lived there absorbing the culture and customs of all that was good under an African sky. Fast-forwarded to the age of six back in the UK enrolled in an English boarding school (a bit of a mind bender) though, he quickly adapted. At this point, he turned to the only thing that made his eyes sparkle: music and in particular singing in the school choir. At the age of eighteen he left school to join the University of life and made friends with weird and creative characters, delved in and out of bands. Later, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. Many years were spent in this way, absorbing and processing information. Returning to London, he embarked on a stage of hosting warehouse parties. Then he decided to make music after getting some gear. He created music under different monikers then settled for Sismian. Give this music a chance and we can build bridges...
Music style: think ethereal meets mind phunk.
Quote it`s all about the flight